1. Write your own vows. No please don’t see this as another “task” to add to your never ending list of things to do. I always say - If not on your wedding day, when?

2. Secure all necessary permits where the photographers and videographers will shoot. Be it the choir loft of Manila Cathedral or San Agustin, or the formals shoot around Intramuros.

3. Clear out everybody behind the Bride when she enters the church, no coordinators, couturiers, security guards, chauffeurs, kids etc.

4. Walk slowly. Very slowly down the aisle.

5. Ask the music ensemble at the church NOT to play anything during the vows and rings exchange. Not only will this make the rites more solemn but it will also lend us greater flexibility in editing the footage (ie. no violin music annoyingly mixing with your choice of bg music later on). I honestly believe that this is an offshoot of Pinoy’s love for melodramas, where every dramatic moment is punctuated with on cue dramatic instrumental.

Make them cry because of the moment, not because Love Affair is playing in the background.

6. Allow us to light the reception venue. A compromise can always be arrived to preserve the ambiance and to adequately see whoever is on stage.

7. Have a first/last dance. It looks great on pictures and video. Don’t be too conscious if you’re not much of a dancer, just concentrate on your spouse and nothing else.

8. If you have a presentation during your reception, please RENT an lcd projector from a professional. It really doesn’t cost that much. And you are saved from the hassle of setting up the equipment, figuring which cable end goes where, getting disappointed because the resolution and projection quality is poor. Rent, rent rent! Don’t borrow from a friend or bring your personal one.

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